Recipe for insurance success

Just a Dash

Sometimes, IT departments just need a little bit of help to implement more next-gen technologies.

Your applications are gaining these capabilities, but there’s not always enough time to understand and implement them.

We can help you:

Find, prioritize, and realize the greatest business value first (quick wins with the bigger picture in mind)

Frame, structure, and visualize great ideas your business stakeholders already have using these capabilities

Navigate the unknown – we facilitate, organize, and enable, then you operationalize

What if you could quickly add to your
"Kitchen" (the IT Department):

The technical ingredients you've been looking for, able to work alongside your existing systems? Such as...

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Turn your insurance data into an asset, towards better risk selection, market analysis, and understanding your users.

Al, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation

Find and capture the hidden value in your insurance data, from historical claims to reserves to premiums.

Cloud Infrastructure

Modernize your systems by moving to the Cloud or Hybrid Cloud. We can help scale your insurance business, technology, security, and user experience (agents, policyholders, and internal staff).

Collaborate with insurance experts

Along with specialists that can cook with you in your kitchen, that...

Speak the language of insurance

Work with an IT vendor that actually gets the details and nuances of your business.

Bring in the skills that you don't need to fully invest in in-house

Why pay for a full resource when all you need is a fraction of one?

Create and maintain momentum

Turn individual projects into product-focused continuous improvement.

Can Help You:

"Make that recipe you've been meaning to try"

Enable the capabilities that come with your upgrades:

  • Deploy shelfware
  • Refine and integrate for next-gen workflows
  • Better IT processes

"Do something creative with your leftovers"

Cleanse and position your data for:

  • Predictive and forward thinking analytics
  • Insights into the business that you didn’t have before

"Plan your kitchen remodel"

Design for the future:

  • Roadmap to modernize your ecosystem
  • Plan the right steps to tackle big initiatives (e.g, omnichannel, infrastructure)

Get "cooking" today

Ready to whip up some insurance business value?

Book a consultation with our experts today and see how we can help

And of course, the best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe...

As promised in the email, this is a modified version of Penny’s Level 3 cookie recipe featured in 4 Levels of Chocolate Chip Cookies: Amateur to Food Scientist (Penny Stankiewicz, Baking & Pastry Arts Chef-instructor at the lnstitute of Culinary
Education in New York City).

My version includes dark chocolate chunks along with semisweet chips because I like my cookies a little less sweet. These can also be made gluten-free if, like me, you have celiacs in your family that cannot ingest gluten flour. I also use vanilla extract instead of a vanilla bean because I want this to be more accessible for the everyday baker that wants to use what’s already on their shelf.