Customer Workflows

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Effortless experiences and faster service resolution for policyholders, agents, and brokers.

Harness the power of the whole company to serve your customers.

Connect the entire organization, transform operations, and empower employees to address customer needs quickly, transparently, and proactively. Policyholders and brokers will be more loyal, employees will be happier, and your company will see significant impact to the bottom line—and most importantly, your brand.

Vergence brings convenience and ease to insurance work through ServiceNow’s innovative business platform connected into core insurance systems to bring workflows to life for policy, claims, and risk management.

Elevate the work from your systems of record into systems of action.

Insurance core systems are great as trusted stores of policies, claims, and risks that ultimately describe a carrier’s combined ratio or the success of a broker’s book of business.  Move away from the ancillary, ad hoc processing into a centralized, empowering system of action that also serves as a source of audit for all the efforts, conversations, and decisions that generated endorsements, policies, and claims in your core.

Per Deloitte, implementing Customer Workflows improved workflow efficiencies by four to five times in return on investment.

Deliver effortless customer experience.

Harness the power of the whole organization to serve your customers. Vergence helps you solve customer requests and problems by bringing customer service, brokers, underwriting and other groups together for better customer experiences, enabling more self-service through automation. The results: reduce workload and costs while increasing customer satisfaction and retention. 

Bring front, middle, and back offices together.

Customer Service Management (CSM) makes it possible to quickly recognize and even prevent issues by connecting customer service to other departments and automating processes across teams for faster resolution. Policyholder services can identify and assign issues directly to Underwriting, Claims, Business Development, Finance, Legal, and other departments to provide service that is second to none. And when policyholder issues and requests are handled quickly and flawlessly, you become a trusted partner while growing customer retention.

Proactively address customer issues.

Gain real-time visibility into the health of your books of business, service activities, and renewals to proactively detect issues. You can send preemptive alerts for renewals or status checks on claims, so they don’t need to contact customer service. Customer Service Management helps identify and predict trends to drive actionable improvements and automate resolutions for the most frequently recurring problems. 

Instantly handle common customer requests.

CSM offers two options for self-service. First, an out-of-the-box customer service portal that we make purpose-ready for insurance processes. Next, Engagement Messenger enables the same self-service to be easily embedded in third-party web and mobile websites, so policyholders and agents gain omnichannel access to consistent and reliable customer service. 

Novant Health experienced a fifty percent workload reduction utilizing virtual agents, according to ServiceNow.

Empower your brokers and policyholders:

  • Initiate automated solutions to common requests, such as limit changes, new risks, and endorsements, with service catalog requests
  • Simplify requests and get answers in a conversational format with Virtual Agent
  • Find answers to common issues using knowledge content 
  • Discover solutions through knowledge bases containing broker and carrier expertise to build brand recognition and trust
  • View the servicing of your policyholders as requests come in and are processed
  • Get ahead of any work delays or bottlenecks before a policyholder, agent, or broker escalates

One of your biggest opportunities to deliver a superior experience is through customer service. Elevate your customer service with end-to-end solutions that create a seamless experience where problems are identified proactively, and internal departments are connected to resolve issues faster—and for good.

Scale, Optimize, and Perfect.

Even a well-oiled machine needs care and feeding.  As your insurance practice scales and changes you need to reassess and optimize your customer experience.  Included in the ServiceNow® platform are two key functions for efficiently allocating your company resources and identifying process bottlenecks that need improvement: Workforce Optimization (WFO) and Process Optimization.

Elevate your brand and customer experience with omnichannel insurance solutions.