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Gain greater collaboration and control of your insurance practice.

The insurance industry contains unique processes for policies, claims, risks, submissions, endorsements, filings, compliance, and much more.  Understanding all these processes and tailoring activities for your lines of insurance is why we exist.  Vergence speaks the language of insurance and can understand what makes you different and adapt to your way of working.  All the while, keeping systems out of box for easier maintenance and upgrades, thereby increasing the velocity of future changes and new ideas.

Of course, all businesses have common processes. Vergence knows those too and can help with IT, Project Management, Compliance, Customer Service, and other areas.  We can connect these to your insurance processes. We also have experience in other industries such as semiconductor, manufacturing, and distribution.

Partnering with Vergence means we can start faster and bring value that matters most to your business.

Explore our specialized services that differentiate and optimize your insurance practice.