Mike Perkins Joins Vergence as Chief Executive Officer

Mike Perkins, CEO of Vergence, black and white headshot
Mike Perkins
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Vergence, a pioneer in developing workflow solutions for the insurance industry, is pleased to announce that co-founder and veteran technology leader, Mike Perkins, has joined the leadership team as the company’s first Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

As a trusted industry advisor, Mike is a trailblazer with a record of creating breakout experiences, designing end-to-end business processes, improving outcomes, and leading enterprise-wide digital transformations. We’re excited to add his vast industry expertise and vision to the Vergence team.

Lee Mashore, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Mike is passionate about helping people think differently about the work of insurance. Before co-founding Vergence, Mike led an innovative team at NORCAL Mutual Insurance Company, where he optimized claims, underwriting, business development, customer service and product development for elevated business functions, resulting in greater visibility of work for executives and staff, helped save $14 million annually in claims expenses, improved customer satisfaction, reduced risk, and helped improved the combined ratio. He is enthusiastic to help the insurance industry bring better experiences to policyholders, carriers, brokers and third parties.

In my experience, it is nearly impossible to find industry agnostic-technology vendors with meaningful insurance knowledge. That is where Vergence comes in. We can implement best-in-class products from vendors, such as ServiceNow and Microsoft, with insurance core systems and create innovative ways to visualize and process the work of insurance: back office, front office and customer-facing.

Vergence is focused on next-gen commercial P&C experiences. Carriers, brokers, and third parties are rethinking cumbersome and time-consuming processes. While the insurance industry is notoriously change-averse, we are hitting the market at a time of inflection when demand for rethinking the work of insurance is growing.

Mike Perkins, Co-Founder and CEO of Vergence

Vergence integrates next-generation technologies with insurance core systems to deliver amazing insurance experiences, bringing agility and speed measured in weeks and months rather than years. With no-code/low-code platforms, deep insurance acumen, and innovation, Vergence collaborates with customers and core system vendors to open the door to new ways to deliver insurance services.

For more information, visit trustvergence.com or reach out to schedule a call.